How to Plan the Perfect Group Pheasant Hunting Trip


If you enjoy a nice upland trip to go bird hunting, then a group pheasant trip is a wonderful way to enjoy the cool weather during the changing of seasons. The most popular place to go hunting is South Dakota in the United States, but you will also find numerous opportunities in the surrounding region too.

Before you get started, there are some organizing formalities you’ll want to get out of the way as you plan your trip.

#1. Who is going to lead the hunt?

You can choose a guided hunt for your group in pheasant country or take a self-guided tour. If you opt to do things on your own, then make sure that you’re hunting on public lands or have permission to be where you are. It’s a lot cheaper to hunt in open spaces, but it also means you’ll have a lot of competition out there. Extra hunters create wary birds.

#2. What are you going to need?

If you decide to hunt pheasant in a different state, then make sure you’ve done your homework on the licensing and safety requirements needed for the trip. Look for specific areas in the state where pheasant seem to be plentiful. Coordinate with local wildlife agencies, tourism boards, and the Chamber of Commerce where you plan to travel for best resources. This process will give you the information necessary about what you’ll need to hunt legally, and how much it will cost.

#3. Where will you stay?

A group pheasant hunting trip is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your buddies. Finding a good camping site creates unique bonding experiences which you can’t get anywhere else. If you’d prefer to stay in a hotel, make sure that you reserve your rooms well in advance to ensure you have a place to stay. If you decide on a guided hunt, make sure that you book the appropriate package to avoid scrambling for accommodations later.

#4. Who will commit to the hunt?

You need the full group to commit to the experience before you book everything. They might be your buddies, but when it comes to money, some people bail on a trip like this last-second. Know what you want to book, then get the per-person cost. If you collect the funds in advance, you won’t be holding a financial liability at the time of the trip.

#5. What gear will you bring?

An excellent pheasant hunting trip requires a couple of shotguns, their cases, and the shells and storage needed. Some public lands have specific requirements you must follow. Remember your orange outerwear, bring rain gear, and whatever shooting apparel you prefer. Make sure that any dogs you bring with you on the trip get along with each other too. Don’t forget the coolers for your birds!

A group pheasant hunting trip offers a fun, relaxing experience for anyone who loves some upland hunting. It isn’t a last-second holiday you can plan, so if you’re interested in this type of excursion, you’ll want to begin preparing it today.

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