How to Follow Proper Campground Etiquette


Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. It allows you to get in touch with Mother Nature once again, disconnect from your devices, and spend quality time with your family.

It is easy to forget that other people are camping alongside you when you enjoy the Great Outdoors. By following these proper campground etiquette rules, everyone can appreciate the beauty which surrounds.

Campground Etiquette Rules to Follow

#1. Leave No Trace

Pick up after yourself. Don’t leave litter behind at your campsite. If you take something with you while exploring, then make sure it comes back out with you too. When exploring the backcountry, that also means packing out your waste.

#2. Keep the Lights Down

Make sure any lights you use at your campsite are on a timer. If you are camping in your RV, then shut them off when you turn in for the night. Awning lights should be turned off on tents and trailers too. Be respectful of your neighbors, and they’ll appreciate the efforts.

#3. Fido and His Leash

Your dog loves to go camping. Take an adventure with your best friend. Keep a leash on your pet at all times because a visit from a strange canine is not a pleasant experience when camping. Barking is disruptive to the campground too. Then remember to pack out what they leave behind.

#4. Remember the Location Rules

Every campground offers specific rules to follow so that everyone has a good time. Review these expectations before you set up your campsite to ensure you comply with them. Accidentally breaking one could have rangers stopping by to ask you to leave – without a refund.

#5. Keep to Your Site

People hate it when someone cuts across their campsite. It’s an invasion of privacy. Don’t do it. Even though you’re all enjoying some shared space at a campground, you should think of someone’s campsite as their temporary property. If you must enter the site to retrieve something, then ask first.

#6. Enjoy the Quiet

Most campsites publish quiet hours, usually somewhere between 10pm and 6am. Avoid loud noises during this time, even if you’re in a tent, cabin, or RV. Disturbing others when they’re trying to sleep is an easy way to generate complaints.

#7. Respect the Fire

Your fire pit is not a trash can. Imagine if you pulled into a campsite to find burned beer cans, old leftover food, or even melted plastics in there. Don’t do that to someone else. There’s a safety reason for this also, as some items emit dangerous smoke when they burn. Try using recyclable plastics or reusable utensils when camping to reduce the amount of trash you generate.

These rules of etiquette for camping are often unwritten, but each one still deserves consideration. Following the Golden Rule will help everyone enjoy the outdoors with their friends and family without creating negative impacts on others. If you don’t appreciate certain behaviors, then don’t practice them yourself.

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